• LeVar mentions having pleasured over 500 women in his time, to which Cleveland can't resist adding "and one guy" for Auntie Momma.
  • When LeVar Brown is talking to Rallo in "A Brown Thanksgiving", he says he should have had another child instead of trying to perfect Cleveland. However, it is shown that Cleveland had a brother named Broderick. LeVar repeats this in this episode. LeVar has a thought of dozens of possible children from various women although it may be possible that Brodrick is only Cleveland's half-brother.
  • Peter and Quagmire appear in the wedding at the end of the episode, saying it's the end of the episode. Quagmire asks Peter if he can have his own show, with Peter telling Quagmire that he is a rapist. This is the same claim that co-creator Seth MacFarlane tells Family Guy fans when asked why Quagmire wasn't given the spin-off.
  • This episode has the most character appearances out of all the episodes in season.
  • Freight Train refers to Rallo as "black Stewie"
  • At the end of the episode, the character's dance to Earth, Wind & Fire's "September".

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