in my crossover idea cleaveland takes his new freinds and famliy to qouhog . in qouhog they rent out cleavelands old house .

donna drops rallo off to play with steawie . starting a comical riverly / freindship (simaler to brian and stewie ) .

meanwhile cleaveland and peter are taken lester , holt , tim , joe , quagmire , terry , and brian down to the clame . tim being a bear goes crazy on the horace and ruins the party . quagmire takes holt out for his "first time" but holt "doesnt even make it on the car ride " .

stewie and rallo are sent to the playground by donna and lois . it is there where they enconter bertrem . rallo and stewie gian a meutral hated for him .

bertrem stalks them evreywere they go (ala joyride) . when stewie and rallo hire brian to gaurd them brian refuse's becuse "of brians fathers side "

but stewie bribs him with a chance to be with jilian . who rallo takes a bond with . eventuly after a series of shananigans between all the caraters , rallo and stewie confront and over power bertrem (parody of the printer scene from office space ) . eventuly cleavelands vacation ends and cleaveland and perter plan on takeing evreybnody to langly falls

the end ...... post your idea

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