From: WiredVoltage (Talk)

We are looking for keen volunteers who would be willing to create questions for The Cleveland Show, each volunteer would be assigned a single series of the show (or more if they are willing) and would be asked to create around 45 questions per episode of this show.

The questions would be created using a Question Builder that we have created for this purpose, it includes a tutorial, question compilation guidance and support from our staff at our below email address.

We would appreciate any assistance that you could give us regarding members of your excellent Wikia who may be willing to participate? Or would it be possible for us to post a thread on your Wikia page concerning this exciting opportunity?

All contributors will be credited for their work and a small monetary reward would be available to the right candidates to compensate them for their time spent.

Please visit our site for any further information about the application:

Or contact us at for any further questions.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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