The University of Miami is a private, non-sectarian university founded in 1925 with its main campus in Coral Gables, Florida, a medical campus in Miami city proper at Civic Center, and an oceanographic research facility on Virginia Key.

In "'Til Deaf", Donna decides to get through a mid-life by going back to school at the University of Miami. When Cleveland fakes being deaf in order to not have to listen to Donna, he ends up unknowing letting her sell his baseball cards to go back to school. When he goes to Florida to bring her back, he admits his duplicity. Donna is satisfied at first that she accomplished her goals of going back to school but when Cleveland tries to shoot her down, she tells him it's not going all about him anymore and stays in school. Back home two weeks later, Donna returns to find the family living in filth. She agrees to stay home but will attend a local community college to continue her dream.

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