Turt Russell is the Harper Elementary School kindergarten class turtle.

When Rallo gets to take home the class turtle in "Like a Boss", Cleveland Jr. mistakes Rallo's talking to him on a monitor for the turtle speaking with him. Rallo decides to use it to his advantage, demanding money, stunts and for Jr. to do Rallo's homework. When Rallo finds the turtle missing, Cleveland Jr. tells him he put it in the storm drain because of it being mean to him. Rallo is forced to confess to Mrs. Lowenstein about losing the turtle where she reveals a drawer full of turtles and reports that the previous 11 turtles removed has never been returned, with Rallo's being Turt Russell number 12. After admonishing Rallo that the turtle is really a lesson on birth control, she gives him a replacement Turt Russell 13.

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