Dwayne: Good evening. I'm Dwayne Meighan the news. Time for run and take covers. Max the weather dog has prediction hurricane approach will had becoming fast approach on Stoolbend greater area at this time. This hurricane name Flozell.
Cleveland: Oh, finally, a black hurricane.
Dwayne: Big large wind blowing and the rain had be come soon. Buckets full all wet. For longer detail, we have Larvell my friend. Larvell? My friend?
Larvell: So, this is wild, man. What I heard was, due to global warming, the storm's gonna be here for a while, then in Quahog about in, like, a half-hour, then supposedly after that, it'll go to American Dad! town. Dwayne?
Dwayne: Thanks you, Larvell. Please remember, viewers, every person and individuals advised to leave and ejaculate Stoolbend greater area until further notice. Something okay, come on home. Stay drys.

Cleveland: [after being hit on the head by a tree] And that's the way it is Friday, May 19, 1978...
Donna: Oh, no, he thinks he's Walter Cronkite again!
Rallo: Man, that's some C-BS!

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