Blue Oyster

The Blue Oyster is a fictional bar, and the setting of a recurring gag-scene of the comedy film series Police Academy. The bar is a stereotypical depiction of a leathermen's/bear gay bar, featuring patrons dressed up as bikers in leather clothing, police officers, sailors, and other stereotypical masculine gay fashion archetypes. Within the Police Academy film series, unsuspecting characters periodically enter the bar unaware of its nature. Once inside, a group of patrons are depicted as leering towards the police officers and ready to force the frightened victims to dance with them, invariably to a tango called "El Bimbo", a 1974 hit from Bimbo Jet.

In "Sex and the Biddy", Hazel sends Rallo to The Blue Oyster by giving him the wrong address to the wedding between her and Rallo's friend Murray when he attempts to break them up after he finds out that Hazel is just after Murray's money.

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