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The Battle of Stoolbend led by B. Emerson Plunkett was one of the South's victory's over the North.

In "The Blue And The Gray And The Brown", Cleveland is tricked into saving the park and statue by the ancestor of Plunkett, B. Emerson Plunkett V. When Cleveland finds out that the elder Plunket was a slave-owning racist, Cleveland and most of his friends vow to turn the tables on Plunkett except for Lester who embraces his Southern heritage. On the battlefield, Cleveland and the guys find the battle isn't going their way so they rush off to the library to find out how the battle turns out. They rush back and take over from Wally Farquhare who is leading the Northern army, intent on a blind charge which leads to the North's defeat. Changing the battle plan, they manage to eliminate all of the Southern army except Plunkett. Cleveland fires his pistol but claims to have missed with his blank ammunition. Plunkett fires his blank but Lester leaps in front of the fake bullet, claiming that loyalty and friendship mean more than regional loyalties, not to mention that most of his Southern brethren are rich dipsticks. Cleveland shoots Plunkett which Plunkett claims only hit him in the arm. Cleveland points out that the medical care of the time would likely result in an infection costing Plunkett his life and Plunkett concedes the battle.

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