Stubby Pickle Deli

The Stubby Pickle Deli is where Rallo Tubbs goes to meet his friend Murray for lunch in "Sex and the Biddy" only to find that he is also there with Hazel, a scam artist out to gain control of Murray's money. When they passionately kiss in front of Rallo, he notes that he now knows he doesn't have an old-people fetish. Murray and Hazel start Rallo off with a beet salad and then Rallo is brought a huge pastrami sandwich to which he questions that someone must have mistaken him for Scooby-Doo.

When Rallo and Cleveland Brown Jr. pretend they're spies in "A Rodent Like This", but things get out of hand when Junior won't reveal what's in his secret briefcase handcuffed to his wrist. Frustrated, Rallo searches Junior's personal belongings while he is in the shower. When he can't find it, he realizes that Junior is wearing it in the shower and surprises him, wrestling with him until they fall down the stairs and the briefcase comes unlocked from Junior's wrist. Finally getting to see what the big secret is, Rallo finds a coupon for corned beef sandwiches at the Stubby Pickle Deli. When Junior demands the coupon back after Rallo learns the secret, Rallo decides to keep the coupon despite not knowing what corned beef is. However, the coupon is really a pass to a secret facility hidden inside of the deli where Junior reveals that he is really a secret agent out to stop other terrorists located in Stoolbend, including Tim. Junior recruits an unwilling Rallo to assassinate Tim by injecting him with an explosive to be set off with a cell phone signal when he gets into Tim's vicinity.

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