• Although it was not advertised as a special themed episode, this mom-centric episode originally aired on Mother's Day.
  • Lester, Tim and Holt do not appear.
  • This episode has no cutaway gags.
  • When Donna sees Shakespeare in the Park, she hopes they perform Shakespeare in Love, a 1998 romantic comedy-drama film.
  • Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart" plays during Cleveland walk through Cookie's house as well as Cleveland's run home to Donna.
  • A photograph shows young Cleveland smoking with his mother, as well as an ashtray he made her.
  • After previously joking with his mother about how Romantic-Comedies always feature a run to the airport, the episode ends on just such an device.
  • The Shakespeare in the Park dialogue is from Romeo and Juliet, Act II scene ii.

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