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Mr. & Mrs. Neighbors Kellogg are members of the Rockbridge Resort and President of the Silver Sunset Society that mistake Cleveland and his mother Evelyn Brown as husband and wife in "Mr. and Mrs. Brown" when he takes her to visit the facility and Cleveland becomes a sports hero when compared to the other participants. After they are accepted into the society, Donna's resentment forces Cleveland to stay with Evelyn until Cookie starts to get a little too personal for Cleveland's liking. When the time comes for them to go to the new members ball, Cleveland refuses and leaves his mother hurt. But after considering what he has done, he rushes to her side to find out she told of his death. The rest of the society finds out the truth and Cleveland comes to the defense of his mom and is accepted in the society anyways.

Mrs. Kellogg is voiced by Jan Hooks. Mr. Kellogg is voiced by Stephen Root.

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