[At Harper Elementary, students give their presentations in front of a big audience. Rallo attempts to do his presentation about his trip to Africa, unaware of the fact that he has been to Hawaii instead]
Rallo: Welcome to my report. My journey to Africa. [Camera pans to Cleveland and Donna in the audience]
Cleveland: [Curious] When did Rallo go to Africa? [Remembers] Oooooooooooooh!
Rallo: [While showing a slide of a typical Hawaii coastal area] Africa, a tropical paradise with white sandy beaches and PGA-rated golf courses. Africa's main exports are pineapples [Shows a slide of a pineapple growing facility], Macadamia nuts [Flips to a slide of several packs branded "Mama Loa" before flipping to the next slide] and Jack Johnson [Shown on the beach holding a guitar and gently smiling]. Each morning when you wake up they leave a copy of Africa's nr. 1 newspaper "Oosa Today" [He mispronounces USA Today, an issue of which is seen lying on a silver tray next to a croissant, a cup of coffee and a glass of orange juice]. After several of what I call "Grown-Up-Drinks", it is customary for the elders to sleep half-naked till three o'clock and let you swim in the ocean alone [concluding with a slide of Cleveland and Donna passed out on their hotel bed at the beach, with wide-open doors and Rallo at the seaside in the distance].
[Camera pans to Cleveland and Donna who notice they've been busted by the audience, and smile awkardly before the camera pans back to Rallo]
Rallo: So in conclusion, I would like to say thank you. For as they say in Africa, "Mahalo, for coming to the Monakea Four Seasons".
[Camera back to Cleveland and Donna, still awkwardly smiling]
Cleveland: [Speaking through his forced smile] Yay, what a cool dad, took his kid to Hawaii. [Turns to Donna and they run away] Bye Bye!

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