Dudley is the newest kid at Harper Elementary School in "Of Lice and Men" and the rest of the class eagerly awaits for Rallo to give him a nickname. After observing him pick his nose and his snot-covered face, Rallo gives him the sobriquet of "Boog-kake." But the tables are turned when Rallo must have his head shaved due to lice and Dudley gives him the nickname of "Mr. Peanut." Rallo tries to hide his head under a variety of hats to no avail and Dudley gets to hang out with the guys during their planned trip to go race go-carts as Rallo is shunned. When Rallo's hair starts to regrow after Cleveland Brown Jr. stops shaving him so he can have a play partner in his imagination, Rallo uses the imagination tricks he learned to ignore Dudley's boogers.

Dudley is voiced by Joshua Rush.

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