Cutaways Gags from Season 4

Screenshot Title Appears in Cutaway Owner References Season No.
Catchytune Catchy tune A General Thanksgiving Episode Rallo & Holt 1 4
Herbert enjoys Rallo and Holt's song.
InMemorium2 In Memoriam II Turkey Pot Die Cleveland 1 4
Cleveland imagines the deaths of the turkeys...and Jeff Conaway.
Opps Oops A Vas Deferens Between Men & Women Cleveland & Dr. Fist 1 4
Cleveland imagines the possible outcome of reversing his vasectomy.
Outofbody Out-of-body experience 'Tis the Cleveland to be Sorry Cleveland 1 4
Cleveland has an out-of-body experience after eating a gourmet shelter sandwich.
Marriage Marriage Hustle 'N' Bros. Cleveland 1 4
Cleveland's marriage joke leads to an interlude.
No no Wide World of Cleveland Show -- 1 4
A word from our sponsors.
Jinterlude1 Interlude I Wide World of Cleveland Show -- 2 4
A break in the action.
Jinterlude2 Interlude II Wide World of Cleveland Show -- 3 4
A break in the action.
Paris A Night in Paris When a Man (or a Freight Train) Loves His Cookie Evelyn Brown 1 4
Cookie knows that Cleveland had covered for his dad for years, including a trip to Paris.
Cutmoon Cutaway Brownsized Rallo 1 4
Rallo's mooning of Devon is edited.
Dogfight Dog fight A Rodent Like This Cleveland 1 4
Cleveland recalls not being allowed to have a dog.
PhilK Ebert Williams The Hangover Part Tubbs Donna 1 4
Donna tells Cleveland of how his father has used Ebert Williams as a stand-in for Cleveland for years.
DynamiteDonna Dynamite Donna The Hangover Part Tubbs Donna & Cleveland 2 4
Cleveland reminds Donna of when she was "Dynamite Donna."
Morningafter The night before The Hangover Part Tubbs Donna 3 4
A flashback recalls the previous evening.
Dentist The dentist visit California Dreamin' Cleveland 1 4
Cleveland remembers his previous visit to the dentist.
MobDr Mob doctor Fist and the Furious Dr. Fist 1 4
Dr. Fist recounts how he became a doctor for the mob.
4aps19 012 STILL-0128 Young Cleveland Crazy Train Cleveland 1 4
Cleveland has a flashback to helping his dad with his car.
Hygineproducts Feminine hygiene shopping Wheel! Of! Family! Donna 1 4
Donna tells Cleveland that Auntie Momma took Roberta out shopping for feminine hygiene products.
Album Record trade Wheel! Of! Family! Robert Tubbs 2 4
Robert recounts falling in love with Dee Dee after hearing her sing.

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