From the episode: Your Show of Shows
Singers: Rallo, Theodore, Bernard
Voices: Mike Henry, T-Pain,

Censored is a song that Murray gives to Rallo, Theodore and Bernard before they appear on Cleveland's cable access show to make up for embarrassing them in front of their classmates in "Your Show of Shows". The song is so offensive that Cleveland's show is canceled on the spot. However, the kids win back the respect of their friends.

Lyrics for the song are censored on the DVD as well as the broadcast episode.


Bernard: Yeah...

Theodore: We used to rap about saving a buck

But now all we care about is (CENSORED)

Theodore and Rallo: We're gonna (CENSORED) and (CENSORED) with a ladder (CENSORED)

Theodore: (CENSORED) Piscataway, New Jersey

Bernard: Un huh...

Rallo: Tuchus (CENSORED) on my sock garters


Theodore and Rallo: Crack your skull

Rallo: You should rap about saving like you're a bunch of (CENSORED)

Theodore and Rallo: (CENSORED) that. We're about getting (CENSORED)

Theodore, Bernard and Rallo: Get it, get it, get that (CENSORED)

Kill it, kill it, kill that (CENSORED)

Rallo: First Friday of the month ya'll

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