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Barnaby is the champion "mutton bustin'" sheep at the county fair in "Ain't Nothin' But Mutton Bustin'".

After a disappointing day of shopping and bowling Cleveland and Rallo end up at the county fair. Seeing some sheep they believe to be part of a petting zoo, they find out about "mutton bustin'" or sheep riding. Rallo turns out to be a natural and becomes hooked. Donna believes it is too dangerous and tells them that there will be no more mutton bustin'. Rallo and Cleveland decide to start sneaking off together to continue riding. The form close ties with Tough Hogland, the concessionaire. After Rallo finds out from Hogland that the sheep are destined to become food after their riding days are over, Rallo escapes with Barnaby, his favorite sheep and they hop a passing train to town, where they find themselves in a dangerous area. Meanwhile, a jealous Cleveland Jr. becomes determined to stop Rallo from spending all of his dad's time but passes out in a portable toilet while wearing a sheep costume. Cleveland Jr. awakes to find his toilet has been transferred to a Renaissance Faire and believes his has traveled in time. Ducking back into the toilet, it is transferred again to a music festival and Jr. believes he is in the 1960s. Rallo and Barnaby pass by and finds him when Barnaby become attracted to Cleveland Jr.. With Barnaby finding a home with the music festival, Rallo and Cleveland Jr. return home together.

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